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The Company.
CapeTown Computing Corporation
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CapeTown Computing is an aggressive team of computing professionals with a business oriented focus. We have an
entrepreneurial spirit and love of technology that we bring to our systems. We strive to produce a level of superior quality
and reliability and bind that with exceptional service. CapeTown has developed systems for over a decade in high impact
business areas such as merchandise inventory, retail, entertainment & food service, professional sales, the supply chain,
logistics and financial systems for corporations of all sizes. Today CapeTown has focused all of its expertise and
leveraged its existing technologies into an enterprise suite of products for demanding enterprises. No challenge is too
great !
E-Commerce Business to Business B2B Business to Consumer B2C
Merchandising Retail Chain Retail Point-of-Sale
Image++ E-Store E-Sales E-Trade
Professional Sales Mail Order Catalog Trade Wholesale
Supply Chain Distribution Replenishment Warehouse Pick & Pack
Shipping Manifesting In-Transit Logistics
Financial Interfaces EDI Loyalty & Promotions
commerce systems
Picture a dynamic business that moves its merchandise
through diverse channels in order to satisfy its customers. A
business with Retail Stores, Mail Order and Trade Sales
Departments and Internet E-Commerce sites each working with
customers and inventories in their own fashion. The facilities
of this enterprise would include Offices and Store Fronts,
Distribution and Picking Centers, Replenishment Centers and
Warehouses. All of these components work in concert to make
this enterprise flow, with the cohesion of people and
the business software for this business and your business.
employed the latest in current technology in the
creation of its Enterprise Product Suite. The database is 100% Relational
and Client/Server based upon Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0, Oracle 8
and IBM DB2 Universal Database. The database was designed
professionally, with performance and referential integrity fully employed. An
open platform that allows any enterprise to purchase the product and
interface it with internal or other third party products without fear of locking in
the database investment. The applications are 32-bit Windows applications
designed for Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000. The applications
were developed in Visual Basic with Active-X development in common
applications tool areas and Active Server Page technology with XML in the E-
Commerce area. A completely open and current environment for your
business investment.
The defines an enterprise by its
facilities and then controls the use of those facilities with an organizational
overlay. The organizational overlay is comprised of three-tier hierarchical
structure of Client, Line of Business and Store. A refers to a financial
entity and the system supports an infinite number of them providing many
systems in one. The (LOB) refers to business channel
such as Retail, Mail Order, Trade and Internet and allows these channels to
operate in unique or similar business flows within the same enterprise. A
refers to a profit center or cost center, that may or may not be
inventory bearing. This architecture, overlaid upon a collection of enterprise
facilities defines the environment that the enterprise exists within, in terms of
physical structure, geography and systems network. This permits the system
and its users to work with discrete enterprise units, entire business lines,
groups of units within lines or in a global fashion. Such as setting pricing for
a specific stores or sales department while leaving the balance of the
enterprise unchanged, configuring lines to use diverse currencies such as
multiple currency e-commerce sites, or a warehouse manager that
replenishes the warehouse by business line. The inspiration behind this
architecture came from the desire to define the business flow for the
enterprise, organize and define the supply chain into a logical network,
Welcome to
CapeTown Enterprise Commerce,
CapeTown Enterprise Commerce System
The Technology
The CapeTown Line of Business Dynamic
CapeTown Computing
Line of Business
provide for the unique customer requirements of each channel and make the
Internet an integral line of business that is equally essential to the enterprise
as any Sales Departments or a chain of Retail Stores. Thus when global
system elements are defined, all Lines of Business play a role.
The Internet provides a new Line of Business for all enterprises and also for
new businesses that rely on it as its sole purpose for existence. CapeTown
Computing embraced the philosophy that the Internet was as integral to the
system as any other business model.
This resulted in the creation of powerful tools such as where multi-
media digital objects and documents become part of the merchandising
landscape and the heartbeat for the Internet Store. The foundation for an
Internet Store exists within the heart of the system and will allow any
enterprise to create a customized sites with mainstream business
management ingrained into the system. Opening a store on the Internet is as
straight forward as opening any retail store and the computing resource
requirements are minimized to your special requirements. All of the
merchandising and retail management is done within CapeTown Enterprise,
CapeTown E-Store delivers it to the WEB. Your B2C line of business can be
defined to support multiple currencies and multiple tax jurisdictions for the
present and future of your E-Commerce consumer store. Welcome to the
the store that never closes its doors.
CapeTown E-Sales/E-Trade provides your enterprise with the ability to support
access to your business customers and sales people through the Internet.
Your customers will be able to access your enterprise system through an
Internet Window in an on-line and real time environment. Your sales
resources will have the same capabilities along with an enhanced customer
navigation tool that allows them to work within a customer subset. Your
business customer relationship will be accessible on a global basis 24 hours a
day and seven days a week. Your sales resources can access the system
from anywhere they have the Internet, home, office, customer locations, trade
shows, everywhere. The system provides access to the same enterprise
system as your corporate enterprise system in an
integrated database environment. Imagine customers placing their own
orders, paying their accounts, inquiring on inventory and supply expectations,
and getting up to date information without ever picking up the phone. Imagine
your sales people using the Internet to do their jobs as effectively as they do
in the office. Welcome to
The merchandising and supply chain provides the construct of the system and
the basic components that feed the business channels with the tools for
success. An enterprise class merchandising and purchasing environment
capable of managing any merchandise type and inventories with automated
and flexible replenishment and goods distribution models all bundled into an
available and reliable business and technological architecture.
is the technology that delivers the E-Commerce power to your
system by allowing your merchandisers and sales people to add life to your
product with the addition of digital objects from digital images to formatted rich
text descriptions to computer documents of any type, present and future, like
word processing documents, music files and video files. Image++ takes your
merchandise database to the next level and allows you to add life to your
merchandise without the technology resources or costs you would expect.
e-Store E-Commerce Internet Store
Business-to-Consumer model (B2C)
E-Business E-Commerce Internet Business Sales
Business-to-Business model (Customer Side and Sales Side)
Merchandising and the Supply Chain
CapeTown Enterprise Commerce
CapeTown Enterprise E-Store,
CapeTown Enterprise
CapeTown Enterprise E-Business.
Professional Sales
Retail Sales
The comprehensive management of merchandise, sales, receipts, inventory
replenishment and distribution through local or remote operational centers
and destinations. The system employs sophisticated location management,
order picking, pick and pack, distribution, staging, outbound scanning,
conveyor diversion, routing and manifesting and carrier and shipment
management. An that allows
these facilities to operate independently and in a fashion compatible with
their performance requirements. The system also filters management and
sales resources from the many details of a logistics environment. Tracking
the status of merchandise transactions at the shipment container level from
Vendor to Operations Centers to Stores to Customers, from receipt to
distribution, replenishment, distribution, shipment and final delivery. This is
Managing sales environments that are diverse requires applications that are
specific to lines of business. The manages all
order entry aspects of the system for operations such as Trade Sales and
Mail Order Sales. Any order based selling environment can make use of this
powerful application. The traditional order entry line based system is fully
supported, but CapeTown Computing has further enhanced it with an object
oriented where entry is as simple as filling in the
blanks. Product navigation tools allow the sales person to move through the
entire merchandise database with simple mouse actions for data filter and
find modes with all merchandise information a single and quick step away.
Customer Navigation and Customer Sales History is performed with the
same power and assists in the order creation process. Truly a new
experience in the sales process and a new experience for your customers.
The retail store is a very specific line of business, requiring very customized
register based applications that make use of the Point-of-Sales equipment
available in today’s marketplace. Todays store front is now a common
environment in which to deploy windows applications, touch screen,
Internet/Intranet browsing, online forms etc. is
a and in-store processing environment that manages the
challenges of retail sales, inventory and resource management. Developed
in an integrated fashion with so that
merchandising, the supply chain and sales are maintained in both systems.
The Retail POS application is dedicated to the Retail environment and uses
the same powerful tools that are found in the Professional Sales Desk, with
the addition of an that hides the complexities of windows
from the register operators while allowing access to Windows tools such as
e-mail and Internet/Intranet browsing. The Retail POS application was
developed with powerful retail equipment platforms like the
providing the physical architecture
bridges the power of Retail POS equipment and current software
technology to create your power store or power chain. The system can be
configured in an all-in-one configuration for single store operations or small
chains or in a chain configuration.
Operational Center Management System
Professional Sales Desk
Catalog Entry Form
Retail POS
Active Framework
IBM SureOne,
SurePoint (touch and non), 4694 and 4695 touch screen and the new
POS 700 series
CapeTown Enterprise Logistics
CapeTown Enterprise Retail
CapeTown Enterprise Commerce
CapeTown Enterprise
Entertainment and Food Service Centers
Financial Interfaces
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
Loyalty and Promotions
The entertainment centre is now commonplace in today’s marketplace.
Restaurants, Bars, Golf Complexes, Upscale Billiard Rooms and
combinations abound. The
provides the Point-of-Sale environment in
these facilities. The system provides for table management, tab management
and rental unit management with extended rating and billing options so that
the pricing policies of your entertainment center are ingrained into your
business system. The system can also control the power to those entities so
that their use coincides with the billing for savings and security in this cash
based environment. The power of Equipment platforms
provides the foundation for the
The system provides for full accounting journals related to sales, inventory,
and purchasing and provides a batch transfer interface that currently
supports all versions of the platforms including the
Corporate and SBS editions. The financial interface was developed with the
ability to support multiple company financials and a departmentalized
account structure that is definable at the store level in the client, line and
store model. The accounting journals also support multi and single currency
environments and support all documents in the accounts receivable and
accounts payable areas. The ACCPAC modules supported are General
Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. When dealing with
multiple tender environments from retail stores or Internet stores these stores
are defined with a receivables account structure to manage the actual
receipts against store sales. The journals are completely automated and are
built on a transaction by transaction basis.
The system provides transaction based EDI support
through a partnership with . Harbinger STX providesa windows
based EDI transaction mapping environment with full EDI version support.
interfaces with Harbinger through an already
developed mapping interface that allows for EDI 850, 860, 855 Purchase
Order and EDI 856 Advanced Ship Notice support in both an inbound trade
customer interface flow and an outbound Vendor flow. The system also
supports the customer merchandise ticketing requirements complete with
customer price and item information. The flow of information is complete and
seamless and with no duplication of internal processes.
The system provides for a multi-level loyalty and
promotions architecture that allows your business to create merchandise and
point oriented promotions for the purposes of customer loyalty and employee
performance. The environment is interfaced with the merchandising and
sales system in order to support a transactional upkeep of your promotions
that are merchandise sales oriented. This provides for enhanced in house
management of the marketing promotions that are part of every business and
allows you to tie your product to the promotion instead of simple dollar sales
promotions that have no purchase and sales history intelligence. The system
also supports the printing of statements and redemption.
Entertainment Center Management System
IBM Point of Sales
ACCPAC for Windows
CapeTown Enterprise Retail
CapeTown Enterprise
CapeTown Enterprise
CapeTown Enterprise
Entertainment Center Management System.
The Dawn of the Digital
CapeTown Enterprise has been designed for the digital age through
the incorporation of into our merchandising engine.
is a chain of digital
objects that are stored as
and anything else that can exist in
document format. All stored within your business database, not in
files organized in a mysterious directory structure. From
documents to
Documents and . If it can be
produced it can be stored and made available to the entire
enterprise. Imagine front and back images,
with your fonts, sizes and colors, a spreadsheets for
custom ordering information, legal waivers, warrantee documents,
PDF specification documents, Consumer Questionnaires,
is a feature your enterprise cannot survive without and a
feature that should be part of your merchandising efforts from the
named it because it is more than just a digital image
associated with your merchandise database. It
Digital Images, Rich Text Descriptions,
Retail Signs, web page
processing Spreadsheets, Computer Aided
Design Portable Documents
custom formatted
Bytes, Video Files.
Collaboration throughout the enterprise managed at the same level
as prices, descriptions and universal product codes. Image++ also
extends our product navigation tools so that products can be
browsed in image list fashion, because nothing quite communicates
like a picture. Image++ is your central source for multi-media
product information and
launches the applications associated with the object type
and also allows you to copy and paste objects as you see fit.
Maintaining Image++ can be accomplished by loading objects in
merchandise maintenance or by any staff member that is provided
access to Image++ addition. Users can copy from the clipboard,
scan images in via scanner or interface digital cameras, any TWAIN
compliant device can do the job. Object can also be loaded directly
from files.
Browse objects
in image format so you can see your product mixture in any
merchandise area and you don’t have to visit the store. Turn your
merchandising database into the multi-media communications
power center for your enterprise with
Internet Objects.
CapeTown Enterprise.
is available throughout the entire system and allows you to
interact with customers and suppliers at a completely new level with
ease and speed. Copy and paste objects to and from e-mail
messages and you are communicating with power.