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    Developing Assets | Distributing Inventory
    Delivering Services | Your Way
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    Digital Media & Document Imaging Library
    Automated Capture Services
    Your Image In Action
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    Merchandise & Materials Management
    Trade - Retail - EDI - Chain Store - Online
    Paint Your Enteprise
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    Service Enterprise Workflow
    Project - Task - Billing
    Your Profession Plugged In
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    Your Way
    Software Development, Design & Integration.
    Proven providers of performance systems.

We Have Your System

We are proven providers of high volume processing solutions that are simple, elegant and cost effective.

Daisy Logo PatchWork.Plus ImagePlus.Plus WorkFlow.Plus D-A-I-S-Y

Established Platform

Business system volumes in excess of 1.2 Billion Dollars Canadian per annum.

Geographically disbursed impementations of 300+ locales operating at 22k/33k average/peak weekly transactions.


High volume transaction based systems capable of managing multiple client and multi-divisional enterprises.

Design integration for traditional trade, establishment, EDI and e-commerce.


Web, Desktop and Server application development.

Depth and reach in programming language, data storage technologies and relational database technologies.


Integration expertise across diverse applications, operating system, hardware and data acquisition technologies.

Disparate systems connectivity.


Full systems engineering.

Network, operating system, hardware and equipment expertise for successful systems.


27+ years, Insurance, Banking, Law, Retail, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution, Transportation, Accounting, Administration.

Business Volumes (millions)
Lines of Code (thousands)
Invested (thousands)
Hours of Coding
Weekly Transactions
DataBase Tables
Talented People
Years Experience

Developing Assets. Our asset is intellectual property, from craft to implementation. We recognized the need for the corporate diary that would house the pillars of that value. It became how we operate.

Delivering Services. Workflow for the services enterprise that adds a methodical layer of professionalism, integrating people, work elements, initial and resultant documents and digital media support. A solid client, project and billing management system.

With systems running in 10+ year engagements, we have a proven track record of returning substantial value for your companies technology investment.

Workflow, Inventory and Service

With 27+ years of experience and expertise; Insurance, Banking, Law, Retail, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution, Transportation, Accounting, Administration

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Customer Testimonails

Out of the box thinkers that always had a solution to our problems. Thanks CapeTown as you made our life a lot easier. I highly recommend them for any project you need them for, you’ll be impressed.

Biway Stores Ltd. 2016-02-29 19:45:25
Customer Testimonails

We can do business.

GolfTown Stores 2016-02-29 19:44:19
Customer Testimonails

The company we went to when we had a complicated problem and not a lot of time to get it done. He delivered creative solutions and was always there to support them when needed.

McGinnis and Company 2016-02-29 19:42:56
Customer Testimonails

The CAPETOWN System is indispensible in servicing our new, existing and EDI customers, you are one of our key suppliers.

Trisi Sales Ltd. 2016-02-29 19:41:37
Customer Testimonails

The CAPETOWN System has made a big impact in our ability to satisfy and meet the demands of our customers. It has been great for us, thank you.

Your Expression 2016-02-29 19:41:03
Customer Testimonails

The accuracy of the inventory system provided us with the tools to observe a less than one percent shrink at our Flagship Eaton Center Store.

FAIRWEATHER 2016-02-29 19:40:01
Customer Testimonails

CapeTown developed a solution that was critical for the success of our company. He was able to understand our business needs and future goals and was able to design and implement a system that took our business to the next level.

Games Workshop 2016-02-29 19:38:28
Customer Testimonails

We have had a long and beneficial relationship with CapeTown Computing Corporation totaling over seven years since October 1 of 1991. During this time we have looked to this firm for assistance in many of our divisions, and many areas therein..

Dylex Ltd. 2016-02-29 19:34:46


North America
268 Mapes Avenue
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
L4L 8R7
Tel & Fax: +1-289-401-2364
Toronto:    +1-289-401-2364
Toronto:    +1-289-401-2364
Email:        capetown@capetown.ca

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