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Knowledge Base

Post Inquiry and Comments on our site, Apart from some rudimentary changes to our site, we added a knowledge base section to deal with the day to day items we come across as a part of our work that may be of interest to you. Additionally we provided a way to post an Inquiry or Comment about us that integrates with our daily work flow. We can then add answers, links and documents we have at our disposal to this for an immediate response centre for general matters. We though it important to provide our new users with the ability to post something quickly without the need to register an account with us and it helps us make a better place for our followers to visit in future versions of our site. The area also provides for a search capability once we get a lot of experience with it, we expect that will come in more handy.

Online Payment, We now have the ability to process payment on our site from the main section under Online Payment or within your account Sign On menu under the Billing option. We hope this makes it easier and more convenient for you.

Gallery Main Page, We have changed our main page on the website to reflect a more gallery style view. After receiving many great comments from you we noted that some of you commented on the large amount of information that was present on our previous main page, so we adopted a drop down style view that gives you the whole site in a single view and once in the site the regular left menu appears as expected. We look forward to your comments on this. http://www.capetowncomputing.com.

Google Language and Search, We have integrated the google language and search into our website so that we could provide for translation and an ability to search across our website and our blog with the same view as you would get using the google search engine. We have found the results to be very well accepted and hope you make use of it. The Language drop down can be found on our languages page and at the very bottom of each page on our site.

Other, You can now find customer testimonials, design time notes, a page on our business process, frequently asked questions, and more new elements on our site for your review.

Our Vision, CapeTown Computing has been developing systems for all manner and size of company for over 24 years. In 1998/1999 the company began the process of developing a comprehensive suite of business applications that would provide for two very important initiatives; to capture the essence of the experience and technologies of the work and systems developed for over a decade of time, and to create an architecture that would encapsulate the works which were to come. The Art of Commerce™ and Imageion™ suites are the products of that effort. Our goal today is to add value to your business or organization with our systems and the fusion of your vision and our vision.

Appliance Level Solutions, We strive towards the ability to provide our systems on an appliance level basis whereby the configuration of the system is done in minimal time and the benefit to your customer is immediate. Delivering our systems on a server appliance complete with pre-configured options is our goal for the small to medium enterprise and those enterprises with distributed computing requirements.